Monday, July 12, 2010

Sun kissed :)

One of my goals this summer is to get a tan ;).

May sound fickle to some, but to me, it feels like LIFE! Getting outside with a newborn takes some timing (I don't mind taking her OUT, it's the scaring the neighbors with the wailing that concerns me ;)...), some creativity, and some courage.

And it means that I feel like LIVING again. With both Little M and Sweet K, I struggled through a deep, dark valley after their arrivals. The first time through, it took about a year to get back on my feet. With Sweet K, it took nearly two before I was free of it. I am so grateful. We're already one month into this journey and I can tell it is very very different. I can't say that I won't battle insomnia, panic attacks or the waves of despair at some point, but this feels so much brighter and I am very thankful that I can fully and totally enjoy my newborn and this learning journey that we are on. And so, getting OUT and soaking in the SUN seems completely delightful to me!!

This week we created our "Summer Fun List." A fun project that we started last summer --- making note of a few things we wanted to squeeze into our summer holidays to ensure that we DO them :)! With Jon starting holidays OFFICIALLY this week :), it was time to make sure that it wasn't all work-around-the-house and no play!!

These are the things we hope to experience this summer...

  1. A boat ride with Grandma & Grandpa G
  2. Trip to the Mennonite Heritage Museum with Grandma & Grandpa D
  3. The Zoo ---- checked off yesterday!
  4. Go to the Beach :)
  5. Run in the sprinkler ---- we've already done this a couple of times, but Little M insisted it be on the list!!
  6. Visit the Steinbach Aquatic Centre
  7. Go to a splash park
  8. Explore Lower Fort Garry
  9. Watch a parade (um, we missed the one in our little local town due to the fact that Tiny Babe arrived the night before!!)
  10. Learn to ride a two-wheeled bike with training wheels ---- Little M has already done this and is begging for opportunities to cruise all over town!
  11. Slumber party @ Grandma & Grandpa G's (this one is for the girlies only. I, on the other hand, will enjoy some PAQ with only a wee one to look after!!)
  12. Go for a train ride 
  13. Go to Tinker Town
Leah's Summer Fun List!!!
  1. Enjoy an Bailey's Irish Cream beverage (hot AND cold!) --- a bottle was a birthday gift from my mother --- I had put it on my wish list at christmas, but considering I was pregnant, we decided it could be a birthday present ;)
  2. Get a SUNTAN!!!
  3. Visit Aqua Books (a delightful used bookstore I've become acquainted with) --- may or may not take the Wee One with me, but she's quite totable :P
There you have it. A lot of fun stuff planned for the summer to help round out all the chores, miscellaneous projects and odds 'n ends that are a part of life.

Sounds like laughter and fun to me!

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Roo said...

a grand list indeed. xo


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