Sunday, January 25, 2009


I have always loved reading. Whether it is a good novel, a thought-provoking piece of non-fiction or even a dull text book, there is always something to be learned!!

What's on the night stand...
Hold On To Your Kids. Gordon Neufeld, PhD & Gabor Mate, MD. I'm reading this in small doses. Lots of practical insights, have a few questions about the theories he's working with. But loaded with tons of good things to think about and experiment with!

To Live Is Christ. Beth Moore. I am using this as a bible study aid for those mornings when I can get up earlier than the littles :). It is very powerful. The chapters are concise, full of wisdom and insight, and I am learning a lot!!!

Upcoming reads...
For every book you read, there are thousands you can't. Choose wisely." A librarian friend. Some of these are recommendations from others, some are titles I've stumbled on through other books/sources. Any suggestions :)? Please email me:

  1. Return to Earth. Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin.
  2. Too Small To Ignore. Dr. Wess Stafford. 
  3. Book of Negroes. Lawrence Hill
  4. Digging to America. Ann Tyler
  5. Still Alice. Lisa Genova
  6. People of the Book. Geraldine Brooks
  7. Water For Elephants. Sara Guern
  8. The Thirteenth Tale. Diane Setterfield
  9. The Tenth Gift. Jane Johnson 

Reading Reflections...
Just a few thoughts about the books I've read.
The Worship Leader's Handbook. Tom Kraeuter. So so so practical. So easy to read. Not simple to implement though!!! I wish that I'd read this years ago, before I'd ventured into the role of music leader. It would have addressed many many issues I've encountered along the way. As I near the end of my term as music leader, and not sure if or when I be involved in this way again, it gives me much to reflect on as I seek to finish well!

The Glass Castle: A Memoir. Jeannette Walls. - If you want a moving, funny, full memoir of one gal's dysfunctional, yet somehow intact, family. An incredible story of what becomes "normal" and the process of discovery of a different way of life. Had to put it down sometimes, because there is so much to this story. But it is extremely well-written, heavy topic but easy to read. Highly recommend.

The Genesee Diary. Henri Nouwen. - Nouwen's collection of thoughts, spiritual insights and struggles during the seven months he spent time with a community of Trappist Monks. Brilliant!!

Becoming Olivia. Roxanne Henke. Ooh la la. One of the best fiction books I've read in a long time. One woman's journey through the valley of depression and anxiety attacks. So real, so powerful. For those of us who've have struggled with these life issues, it gave voice to those symptoms and experiences that are very difficult to describe.

Girl Interrupted. Susanna Kaysen. Wow. One gal's stint in a psychiatric ward. For anyone who is interested in getting into the field of psychology, this would be an excellent fiction read. Insightful, beautifully written, witty - and very, very thought-provoking. That fine line between sanity and beyond becomes even more blurry.

White Oleander. Janet Fitch. As this young woman works her way through the foster care system, she becomes a woman of remarkable strength of character. I could not put the book down!!

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