Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Celebrate life :)

Wow. It's been a while.
Life has been full of good things.

Like the discovery of the swing :). The snow is all gone now, however I did resort to shoveling out the swing set just so we could enjoy some fresh spring fun!

Spring time picnics

Celebrating the gift of parenthood and the responsibility that it is. Here were are at the baby dedication moment. This is more of an "action shot" than anything else. Wee One was NOT about to hold still for more than half a second. If that :).
Grandma's birthday party. That finally happened. Unfortunately the masseuse that was we had arranged to come over and give mom her birthday present could not come on our rescheduled date. Bummer. However, seriously, this photo does not even do justice to the chaos that reigned. At one point, I just stood in the middle of the room laughing until the tears rolled down my cheeks. We're a motley crew, but it sure is FUN!! Next time we're going for something quiet and private, like a fondue. Just don't tell my mom ;).
 Just hanging out. Wee One looks so much like her daddy it just makes me giggle :).

 Sweet K. Sweet as ever.

Happy mothers day. Gifts given, gifts received. It is good to honor those in our lives who have lived and loved into us and helped shaped us into the people that we are. A blessed thing indeed.

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Robin Fehr said...

Great pics! I can almost HEAR us in that picture! It was a great day!
Look'n forward to having your gang down here do some some serious playing too! :)


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