Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On the iPod: Let God Arise, Chris Tomlin

I bought this song off of iTunes the other day.
I cannot listen to it and NOT do something!
The other day, no kidding, I went for a walk and ended up RUNNING from our home to the other end of town!!
And I am in. no. way. a runner.
Never have been.
Never will be.
But, somehow, this song just calls for a response!!

Hear the holy roar of God resound
Watch the waters part before us now
Come and see what He has done for us
Tell the world of His great love
His enemies will run for sure
The church will stand, she will endure
He holds the keys of life, our Lord
Death has no sting, no final word

Let God ARISE!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello friends!

Only FIFTEEN more sleeps until I get the privilege of participating in the Ride for Refuge :).

In case you're wondering.... 

1. 40% of the funds raised will go towards Ride for Refuge.

What does that mean?
It means the money will from this portion will go to fund projects that deal specifically with:

Relief & Aid: Direct aid for catastrophe, war and oppression

Development & Reconstruction: Direct or third-party NGO support for development and reconstruction initiatives including microfinance and sustainable funding

Food & Water: Programs supporting nutrition, food banks, missions and accessible water

Shelter & Housing: Any shelter whether temporary, permanent, or expansion

Medial & Dental: Treatment, follow-up care including HIV, pediatrics, pain management and all necessary supplies

Education & Tuition: Job skills, trades, ESL, career, tuition support and Biblical curriculum and training

Settlement & Acclimation: New arrival support, training and financial aid

Counsel & Legal: Spiritual counseling, development, discipleship, care for post-traumatic stress syndrome, and immigration and refugee claim legal counsel

for the specifics on how the money is distributed, please check out the website at:

2. 60% of the funds raised will go towards the Winnipeg Crisis Pregnancy Centre.
Juergen Severloh, the executive director at WCPC, has (with hearty hope and enthusiasm!!) indicated that any money we raise from this cyclothon will go to purchasing doplar machine (or two or three!!).

What does a doplar do? 
Think first stages of pregnancy.
Listening for that first magical heartbeat.
For some, this is the first real connection that they have with understanding that their baby is a real live being.
It may be the only bond they create with their unborn child.
It may save the life of a newborn baby.
It may also save the life of a mother who will not have to live with the life-long ramifications of abortion.

Any extra money not used to purchase doplar equipment will go to funding ultrasounds through Baby Moon.

In order to split the raised money between RFR and CPC, we need a minimum of $2000 for our team.
Check out  my team page for more details, to see where we're at, or to donate a little to a GREAT cause!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A story to tell...

Once upon a time there were three little girls....

Who LOVED to play dress up!!
For the past several weeks, Sweet K has been walking around declaring I DA KING!! 
She often has a blanket tied around her little shoulders :).

The oldest gal was looking forward to taking dancing lessons with her pretty new dancing dress.
The middle gal wanted one too .... only it took her mama a long long while to find out what her precious little heart desired.

Many different articles of clothing were offered, but none of them were perfect --- what she wanted in her heart of hearts was a dancing dress of her very OWN.

The first day of ballet class arrived. The oldest gal got all dolled up.
Finally FINALLY it dawned on mama to pull out a smaller costume, smaller slippers --- and there was instant bliss.
And suddenly, TWO ballerinas!!

Now, only the oldest daughter is ready for formal lessons, but the middle daughter watches in awe --- yes, still wearing her adorable costume, SHOES AND ALL --- (running back to mama every so often for hugs and gentle reassurances) and maybe some day will be ready for her own turn.

Until then, we'll all work on those lady-like skills ;).

Oh yes. This story had THREE girls.
Here is the third sweetness herself.
Never to be outdone.
She could run circles around us all!!!

PS - we got quite a few smiles as I took my ballerinas to Bigway to buy milk after dance class!!


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