Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 1: Mission Accomplished!

It feels like so long ago since we heard the news that K had received full time funding for THREE years; and since that very moment, I've been preparing myself for these past two weeks when our two oldest girls would be headed back into public school.

The last week of August flew right by. In the midst of the swirl, we talked about the upcoming transition, we organized school supplies, and set out the first-day-of-school clothing.

Thankfully, the transition was gradual.

FIRST, I should say, we got Jon settled back into school :). It is a change around here without him around, and his days are long and full trying to help other kids find their way (he works in the public school system).

The next week we got M settled in her class. She embraced the change like she does many things in life - with enthusiasm and a sense of adventure. She's sure been more tired these days :), but each day she comes home with tales to tell, and is taking it in well.

And finally, oh finally, it was Sweet K's turn. There is a certain ache-of-heart that only mothers know. As I prepared her little back pack the night before, tears came quickly. She has tolerated, but never enjoyed, preschool. How would she do with THIS? How much did she understand as we tried to prepare her? I prayed that morning that she would know that Jesus is near.

Seems like God has been preparing her heart for this challenge. When I asked her if she was ready to meet her teacher, she says, "Yup!" And into the school she went. Not one look back. Not one panicky moment (and I was definitely one of "those parents" peeking in the windows, watching her walk down the hallway, checking to make sure everything was alright!). When I pick her up at lunch time, there is encouragement from each grown up in her life. She is participating, talking, learning and having fun!! And when I ask her if she wants to go back, she says YES!!


It is hard to know, sometimes, which path is best.
We plan and pray, pray and plan, and then w.a.i.t. for the LORD to show us the way.
The wrestle is hard work.
And sometimes it makes perfect sense, and sometimes it doesn't.
However, at the end of it there is peace, and it is good.

And now ... more time for myself!
Who can complain about that ;)???
Seems like there's always something that needs attention, but now there is a bit more space to accommodate that :).


Robin Fehr said...

Love this! So glad to hear that they both like school!
They are rock'n their back to school gear well too :)

Anonymous said...

What an incredible answer to prayer for Sweet K! How grown up she looks - just like her big sister she gets to do big kid stuff now and how wonderful she's owning it! I pray the transition continues to go well and she thrives surrounded by such encouragement!

Your girls are so lovely and growing so much! Great pictures - precious memories!


Roo said...

love you. love them.


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