Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's true! We did survive!!

Wow. One week ago I was packing to go on our first camping trip of the season.

Who knew that you needed that much stuff to survive two nights without the creature comforts of home :P?

And with the chorus of of Aretha Franklin's I Will Survive running through my head...
I will survive
Oh as long as I know how to love
I know I'll stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
And I will survive
I will survive
Hey Hey!

You gotta keep it simple when you're without a radio and all :).

All in all, things went well. I think :). Aside from the two stints in the van, at night, for over an hour each, with a crying baby who doesn't usually cry a lot but I could hear here wailing from the washroom!!, who had an itchy bite that just wouldn't quit!

Yes, it is [far] more tiring than staying at home. And a friend of mine commented that she's amazed we go at all, considering how Sweet K sleeps (or doesn't!!). But if we hadn't gone, think of all the fun we'd missed...
- Late night family reminiscing around the campfire AFTER the little ones have finally fallen asleep (my dad introduced us to the game "What really irks you" and apparently some of us had more to share than others!!!)
- Lots of yummy snacks (no smores, Michelle, sorry! - but my mom brought enough salty and sweet snacks to keep us going for quite a while!!)
- Bike rides, stints at the park, watching Sweet K fall in love with the slides and observing how Little M has taken to the water now that she wears a life jacket
- Working on my sun tan :)
- And lots and lots of laughing. As we were wading with the kids, I turned to J and said - see, this life with kids is a piece of cake - to which he quipped - yeah, it's the marriage that requires the work!!! He got a good splash for that one :P.

I think I'm finally unpacked now. Finished the loads of laundry. Sorted the dishes and dried the swim gear.
And maybe, just maybe, we'll do it again!!

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Anonymous said...

Hind Sight - eh? It's all good in hind sight :)
I had a really great time as well.


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