Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Online wonders :)

I had just laid down almost $300 for new glasses. (And truth be told, I've discovered I don't even like them as much as my old pair!!) A number of people came to me and shared how they had purchased glasses ONLINE! Not only that, but they only cost like $30!!! WHAT!? Where were you a week ago :)?

If you are hunting for new specs, you may wanna give the online route a go! I know I will the next time around. Check out eyeglasses. With these prices, you could even get a couple of pairs :) - something simple or something bold or that little something in between :).

Both J & I wear glasses, so there's a good chance our kids will too :P. These are cute - and so are these - and these!!

They walk you through the whole process of ordering - you just have to have your prescription handy. One site I checked out mentioned the importance of also obtaining your pupillary distance (precise measurement between the centre of your pupils). Most opticians will include this information only upon request. If you ARE planning to purchase glasses online, you may wanna read through the general information even before obtaining your prescription so that you know which specific questions to ask!!

If you've purchased glasses online, let me know how it goes! These glasses may seem to last forever, but eventually they will wear out and I would like to give the online option a try!!


Anonymous said...

Ooooo.... I hate learning about discounts after I've made a purchase too! That goes against all our Mennonite roots!! lol!

Roo said...

eeeeee. i got mine for $10!!! makes me so happy. :)

ps you dont like your new specs? they look so good on you.


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