Monday, November 9, 2009

Leah vs. The Spider....

My day started off with a hunt.
Not an easter egg hunt. Those cadbury eggs are yummy!
Not a bargain hunt. Lookin' at the calendar, it'll be a while before I am out on my own again :).

It started off with a

And I am NOT a fan of spiders.

This tale of woe (and eventual victory!!) starts off in the bedroom. I went to make the bed. (I have an issue about my bed being made that is really quite nuts, but, I MUST make my bed, even before I leave my house, because if I come home and the bed is NOT MADE, my world completely falls apart!!! This is not a universal quirk, because my kitchen counter can look like a disaster, and I'm really okay! I will even make my bed, if for some uncanny reason it has not yet been done, just BEFORE BED so I can climb into a made bed. It's very weird.) I moved my fluffy pillows off the floor and there. On the baseboard. Was a spider.

Not a daddy long legger.
Not a puffy little eight-legged friend.
This was one mean, lean lookin' arachnid.

Thinking I had time to grab a shoe, I tossed my pillows on the bed.
When I looked down, it. was. GONE!!!
The place where I SLEEP!! MY SANCTUARY! What if it crawled up onto my head while I was dreaming! They say the average person eats 8 spiders in their lifetime. What if this was one of mine!?!? I didn't have my glasses, so everything looked kinda fuzzy. Then I saw motion.

Not only was it ugly, it was a speedy little bugger too.

And it went under the bed.

Sigh. I would never sleep again.

I grabbed the broom, cleared out the one and only thing under my bed, grabbed my specs and started to HUNT. To my credit, there is only a little bit of dust under the bed. Nothing else. But I could NOT locate the spider.

Seeing that I needed to have the girls and myself out the door in just over an hour, I had little time to spare.  I left the broom handy just in case I discovered my little stealthy rival.

As I was drying my hair, Little M lets out a squeal! Apparently, she had just seen a bug with three legs. (THREE? EIGHT? Who's counting, right :P?) And it had skittered into THEIR ROOM! The chase was back on, with me lifting things off the floor, and her hawk-eyes that never miss A THING looking for our bug.

And there it was. Freaky lookin' critter. Cowering by Sweet K's crib. In a moment of bravery, I took off my slipper, gave it a good whack whack WHACK! It put up a valiant effort, but I was bigger.

The look of adoration in Little M's eyes was totally worth it.

A feeling of victory coursed through my veins as we did the "We Killed The Spider" dance.
It was a good way to start the day :).

In the spirit of classic rock.... Weeee are the champions..... WEEEE are the champions.  NO time for loooosers .... cause we are the chammppions! Of the world!! (fun song, terrible unitard!!!)


Jenn said...

haha I don't do well with spiders either. I've been known to set a cup over top of them if the husband isn't home to be my hero. :)

Roo said...

hahaha! YAH LEAH!!

Robin Fehr said...

Oh, that is funny. I can actually imagine you guys doing that! Too funny!!!
I... found a DEAT RAT today! AAACCHHHY!!! Thankfully it wasn't on our yard, and thankfully none of the three little boys playing with us outside touched it... but that was gross!
Glad you caught your intruder though. It would take a month of lorazapam to sleep if I knew there was a spider under my bed! :)


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