Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Locks & Keys...

I love learning.
I'm not always quick at it, but I love it. :)
I love finding out things about myself (even the tough stuff), about the world around me, definitely about the people in my world, my God - oh the joy of discovery.

But it can be sooooo frustrating, too. One of the biggest struggles I've experienced with Sweet K is the inner pull to focus on the pressure to learn, to teach, to achieve milestones, to obsess about the differences between normal and not. It's a tough balance - and a fine line - between guiding/facilitating and forcing.

In the past few weeks, though, she's been going through her own little learning explosion! So have I, in many ways.  I have discovered what I call little "keys" - insights into her learning patterns that unlock a pocket of discovery. And it's such a delight! Whether it's a gentle, guiding hand that helps her concentrate, firm insistence encouraging her to carry through tasks I know she can do, or using the many varied opportunities throughout the day to teach new little communications (she's starting to catch on to signing, and not just with me, but with others too, which is really a surprise!!) -- the process can be long and arduous, but it's worth it!

And really, it's not so different than my own journey. I can think of many people who've been woven forever into my life - some for a moment, others for the long haul (their patience humbles and astounds me :P) - who've provided the "keys" for my own personal discovery. Some lessons were a complete surprise, other dreams were locked away so tightly I (almost) forgot they existed. Each time a little corner is unlocked, I discover joy, healing, faith, peace, friendship, Love.

Is searching for the "keys" frustrating :)!? YES!! Sometimes, almost unbearably so!!! But the perseverance is worth it. Who knows what discoveries await tomorrow!!!

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