Monday, December 21, 2009

How can it be that another year has passed!!

This morning, as I sat in my chair, basking in the silence and the cozy warm glow of the Christmas tree, I pencilled into my journal...
Monday, December 21, 2009 - Mikayla's 4th Birthday!!
"Four years ago today we met Mikayla face-to-face for the first time @ 3:39 a.m. What a great way to start the day!! Today, 4 years later, I smile. It is 7:30 a.m., the house is still quiet (except for Sweet K's occasional  squeak :)...) and here I sit, absorbing the moment. Another great way to start the day!"

In the respite of solitude I found my grounding for the day. Life has been full. Which is fine. It's the wonky nights that throw me for a loop!! And, of course, we've had both at the same time. And I wanted to be able to embrace and enjoy this day. Little M's 4th birthday party. What fun!!

With a shudder, I recalled the chaos of last year!! Once again, I discovered the joy of perspective :). This year, I LEARNED A LESSON. Or two. Or three.
1. Pick an easier "theme" to find "goody bag items" for!!!
2. Head out a little earlier in the day. This prevents sob-filled break-downs in the Dollarama parking lot :). Even shopping with kids in tow is better than not getting in a visit to the bargain bins!!!
3. Make it simple.

It helped that J was home on holidays this morning. He was able to get the girls fed and dressed for the day so that I could enjoy setting the last few things up. It helped that I did things in bits and pieces this week (pregnancy drains whatever energy you haven't used up throughout the day!!). And it helped that I  started my day off right. Quietly :).

We had so much fun!!

Here is the cake I made to help celebrate the day.

Notice the time on the clock when I actually BEGAN this project!!
My friends, that is not a.m., but p.m.

Two round little cakes awaiting icing.
Please take note of the nicely arranged spice cupboard.
It doesn't always look like that :P.

One hour later....

Little Tink, sittin' pretty!!

After a few short hours of sleep, it was time for the Big Day :). With a little "decorating" done the night before, this is what Little M woke up to on her special day :)...

The bargain store had little confetti in the shapes of Tinkerbells
that are actually STICKERS! Bonus :). This year we saved all those
"confettis"to be used on various craft projects :).

The few days before her birthday, Little M assured me in ALL seriousness that you simply
Birthday party
Of course, the one thing I HADN'T bought!!
Good thing we were planning to go shopping one more time :P.

These have to be my favorite finds!! Little Tinkerbell wings and wands!
These were part of the "goody bag" however, we also used them for a game --
The Dance of the Fairies!
Strap on the wings, crank up the worship music and let 'em fly!!!

My two little sweet peas :).

All in all it was a fun day. There were lots of giggles from every one :). What a great way to kick off the holidays!!!


Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

No pictures of the food with sprinkles? Or green jello stars? When I asked Rheanna what she had to eat, she said something with sparkless. I was like, "Uh, no. You don't eat sparkles." However, I read your FB status where you said the menu for the meal and I then had to go apologize to Rheanna - you did serve sparkles! She had a blast. Thanks for showing me a thing or two - we will be doing birthday parties for the first time this next year since I am not heavily pregnant (or pregnant at all, for that matter!!).

a very sweet life! said...

Ha ha! No, I guess I forgot to snap a few of those :). I had heart-shaped sandwiches, dipped in green sprinkles and called them "fairy sandwiches" :). Of course, green pixie stars (my mom helped cut those out, I've never had much success with removing jello jigglers!!!, and you can't forget the POPCORN TWISTS!! Always a hit!

Roo said...

what a sweet day! and we get to end the festivities with a sweet little party! we are blessed.

Robin Fehr said...

Ahhh.... that was well done. Turns out I could learn ALOT of culinary skills from you afterall!!
I now understand break-downs in the dollaramma parking lot. And... icing cakes suck. Thank goodness for MOM.
That cake looked great. You could even get a nice close-up picture of it... that's the true test to a good look'n cake - doesn't just look good from a unfocused distance.
Go Martha Stewart!!


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