Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Most Gracious Soul...

The past few days have been a whirlwind!

On Tuesday night, Sweet K decided NOW was the time to work on that 2-year molar. Sigh. I was up with her, no word of a lie from 12:30am-5:30am. Oh yeah, there was a brief break around 3, however Little M decided that she needed some TLC too, which also ended up disrupting Sweet K's slumber once again. Short night, followed by a looooong day :).

Wednesday included Little M's dance recital, which is a post all it's own! I'll save that precious saga for a different day!

Wednesday night was a bit better, however Thursday had many an adventure of it's own. A preschool christmas party in the morning (unfortunately I forgot to talk tylenol BEFORE, and certainly needed some AFTER!!), a quick lunch stop at home and the OFF to the city, all gals together ;), for some shopping fun? craziness? errands? :). At Dollarama I was convinced that instead of bringing Little M along, I'd grabbed an octopus instead!!! With incredible speed and accuracy, she was loading things I DID NOT WANT!!! into our stroller cart, which was getting all mingled up with things I did want!! AHHHH!! We scored some adorable bargains though (can't WAIT to do the post on Little M's upcoming Tinkerbell birthday party!! I am soooo excited!!) so it was worth it. Next stop, the MALL! A different mall than I'm used to, but the only one that had stores that I could call ahead and put items ON HOLD ;)! Off we trekked - and of course, on the way TO the bathroom, we pass by the PET STORE! We just had to watch these adorable pooches bouncing around for attention. Following the pit stop, the whining chatter was temporarily appeased with a snack. YEAH for snacks :). 2 hours later, after several tears, a few attempted getaways and some great finds :), we were headed for home. For a late supper. Which I had yet to put together.

Have I mentioned yet that the aforementioned tylenol had worn off right about now :)?

We were sharing a family dinner and there was a light knock at the door. I almost missed it, but so glad I didn't! There was a lovely, gracious soul, bearing the gift of HOME MADE COOKIES!! And not just 3 cookies, but THREE CONTAINERS -- BIG CONTAINERS!! -- of home made, delightful, sugary, tasty yummy CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!!!! After reading my last post, this kind person decided that she would bless me with baking! I'm not sure what thrilled me more --- having someone read my blog ;P or the fact that someone wanted to honor my family and I with such a gracious gift. My kids eyes were as round as saucers when I'm showed them!! All Sweet K (who is still teething and not eating her dinner very easily!) could say was "DAT DAT DAT DAT DAT DAT DAAAAAT!!!"and Little M squealed with delight. J looked pretty happy too!

It was so humbling to receive such a gift. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry! Either way :), however I choose to relax this evening, it will DEFINITELY include a tasty cookie treat!!!

You know who you are :). Thank you so much!!!

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