Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Peanut

Hey Little Peanut!
We heard your heart beat again today! Forever a miracle.
It's strong, clear and always accompanied by lots of active kicks and thumps :).

We're at 30 weeks and counting, which means that in 10 weeks or so, we will get to meet you face to face! I can only imagine what that moment will be like. First, it'll mean that labor is over ;). Second, it'll mean that we'll finally know whether you are a boy or a girl!!! But, most importantly of course, we'll get to see this wee little person that we've already come to love so much!! Lookin' forward to it!

You don't know it yet, but your precious existence has already taught my heart so many things. Far too many to count, really.

You're teaching me to seek. After the Sweet K Saga, it would've been easy to hide in fear rather than follow my heart. But our family was not complete without you! Through much prayer and seeking, we were ready to embrace the unknown once again, and at just the right time, you became a part of our little clan! Every day is one day closer to meeting you!

You're teaching me to wait. The first few months were a breeze, and I marveled in the peace of the journey. However, as we began to wait once again for doctors and tests and questions, the waiting went from simple expectations to more questions and concerns. The Waiting Rooms of life, however difficult they may become, are also places to encounter God. And once again, I've learned things I wouldn't have chosen, but am so glad I've come to know. You've made that possible, and I am glad!!! I am also glad that presently things are looking great and test results have been very optimistic!!

You're teaching me to love. This is the first time we get to experience pregnancy through the eyes of a child! Every week, Little M asks if you are coming to live in our home yet, and daily we talk about you and how excited we are to meet you! She's been a little ticked when she's been snuggling with me and you've given her a good solid kick or two!!! But, we giggle with awe as we watch you shift and move around. What a hoot!!

Can't believe we're at 10 weeks and counting! There's quite a bit to get ready between now and then!
But, ready or not, you'll come when you come (just let me get to the hospital FIRST, ok - wink wink!?)
Love Mom


Robin Fehr said...

Awww... I can't wait to meet him too! (By him that is only MY prediction).
He's got the Gerbrant nose though! Whatta cutie!

Roo said...

such a great post.

love your mama heart. xoxo


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