Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Parenting SOS!!

Yikes! I've never, ever had a job like parenting. Some days fly by with barely a hiccup :). Others are inTENSE work!! One day last week I was ready to send out an SOS! It felt like we were comin' apart at the seams! 4-year-old independence collided with a mommy who had more parenting questions than answers, and it wasn't pretty!!

One day, as we strolled to the local mail box, I realized that nothing has challenged me like parenting has challenged me. Why do I say no so often? How often have I had to face my own selfishness or set myself aside to get out of bed for the umpteenth time in a night? How often have I simply not had the answer and had to fumble through to find a solution?

I also recognized something else dark and sneaky at work. The terrible weight of comparison. Without realizing what I was doing, I had started to peek over the proverbial fence and automatically assume that whatever seemed to be working in someone else's home had to happen under our roof too. This left me feeling like I was scrambling and overwhelmed. Well, this is quite silly of course, but I didn't realize how much I struggled under the burden until I relaxed and enjoyed that puddle-splashing walk to the post office.

As hairy as it gets sometimes, I have discovered that I live with two of the most patient and endearing teachers one could imagine. Every day they teach me what I need to know for the day (sometimes MORE than I need to know ;)...) and we take it from there :). I am thankful that they don't give up on me, that they laugh and love along with me, and that every day we get the chance to try again :).

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Roo said...

ahhhh i hear ya sister...i had a couple days like that this past week. i wondered, why 2 days that could be so similiar (in terms of what we did etc) and yet one was sooo hard adn the other was sooo fun. and i realised the answer....SLEEP. hope your week goes better...love you!


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