Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rock my world :).....

If rockers could talk, this one would have many tales to tell!!!

I have spent many many MANY hours in it, processing life, journaling, rocking babies, feeding, praying, even sleeping.

It has been my go-to zone for almost 11 years.

And now it has retired!!

Nicknamed "the squeaky chair," this already-been-loved rocker had many quirks.
A definite squeak.
A thump-thunk unless you planted your butt in JUST the right place. Then it was a lot quieter :).
A screw was stripped, so it kept coming loose.

But it was comfy. It was cozy. It was mine :).

Yet, though parting can be such sweet sorrow (it has found a new home at MCC :P), I am thrilled-beyond-words!!! to announce the arrival of my brand new Dutailier glider :). This baby is quiet, smooth as silk and has a firm seat (a MUST for any nursing/rocking for hours on end chair!!).
It has taken up residence in our home,
and I will just go and sit in it and rock, 

Glllllllide is more like it :).

And since I just weeded all the front flower beds "one more time before the baby comes" (I've been saying that a lot lately, but baby still hasn't arrived :) --- I'm getting tired of making sure the bathrooms are tidy!), I purposely sit and look at the black dirt under the window.

Very satisfying indeed.

I will miss my highly-padded, over-sized rocker.
With it's funky faded spots and all.
We have had many good years together, all curled up with my favorite coffee mug.

But look forward to a new, long-lasting relationship with my new friend :).


Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

YEAH!! New furniture is oh-so-much fun! I know you will enjoy!

Roo said...

thinking about you......


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