Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things that make my heart happy :)

.... mahhhvelous milestones!! ....
preschool graduation celebrated in style with
ice cream and orange sherbert as a special treat!

.... fuzzy little animals ....
preschool "summer fun day"
aka "winter carnival"!!!
the only thing missing was the snow --- brrrrr!!!
but we had fun anyway :)

.... sleigh hay rides ....
at this stage in my pregnancy, this was incredibly relaxing!!
i could've ridden around and around all day long :)

.... getting ready for the sun! ....
hoping for some warmer temps so that we can enjoy the new inflatable pool 
that hero dad picked up at canadian tire on a 50% off sale :)
AND soaking in the sunshiney rays while we can!

.... the flowers in my garden ....
i smile in sheer delight!

1 comment:

Roo said...

:) this post made me happy!


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