Thursday, December 23, 2010

Annnnnd she's FIVE!

On December 21, it was 5 years since the morning (early, 3:38am) that Little M came into this world.
Those 5 years have been filled with much adventure, laughter, discipline :), and quiet and not-so-quiet moments together.
That first week that I was home alone with this tiny baby, I decided to make a trek out to the post office. It was BITTERLY cold, so I was going to take the car. It was my first "outing" alone. It felt like it took forever just to get out the door. Everything still felt awkward and was I forgetting something... blah blah blah. I backed the car out of the garage and down the driveway. All clear. HOWEVER, there was a patch of ice lurking beneath a small pile of snow. The snow was not an issue, but the stupid ice patch was. And there, in my driveway, 1/2 onto the road, I was totally and completely stuck.
Did I mention I'd brought the dog along, just for fun!?
Hmmmm. What to do. Baby is in the car. Dog is now very anxious. I am more than a touch nervous myself. Quite a quandary. A friend neighbor stops by. So thankful for her familiar face, I open my door - and the pooch ESCAPES! It takes me a while to catch him, and when I do, my friend says that her husband clears driveways and would be more than willing to help me out. A simple tug later, and my car is free.... except that in the process, he drives straight off the culvert in ANOTHER neighbors driveway and now his truck was totally and completely stuck. And sitting at an angle that didn't look....good. Five hours later, all the vehicles are back in their respective garages. I never did make it to the mail!

Almost every time we head out together, I ask Little M -- HEY, wanna go off on an ADVENTURE together!? 
One time, when we were headed off to the city for some fun, she calls out from the back seat, "we're off on the greatest adventure EVER!!"
Life is always an adventure.
You just never know what might happen :).

She's worn her birthday girl ribbon every day since she got it :). 

Year ONE

 Year TWO

 Jammin' it up on Year THREE

 Cheesin' it up for Year FOUR

Year FIVE.
Wow. This pic doesn't show it, but we've probably lit the birthday candle 
about five times. Sung Happy Birthday every time :).
Such a hoot!!!
We've started letting Sweet K blow it out too, 
just to practice for her birthday in June :)!

Happy birthday, my sweet little girl.
You're a one-of-a-kind and we love you very much!
You make us laugh and laugh and laugh.
We are thankful for you.

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Roo said...

happy birthday sweet girl. we love you.


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