Friday, December 17, 2010

Because sometimes you need to laugh

Admittedly, yesterday was a rather crap-tacular kinda day.
Maybe that's too harsh. There were some truly spectacular moments - Little M's christmas concert, sharing a few unexpected gifts, visiting with parents.
However, it was a day, too, where you wondered why you crawled out from under the covers.
Oh yeah.
Baby was up at 5:45am and ready to play.
Then the other littles were up and needing breakfast.
And then, there was the sneaky flu that was influencing attitudes and behaviors, only we didn't know about it until bedtime.
Lunch bombed because the pancakes didn't cook properly (who screws up pancakes - yours truly, apparently!!) and supper was wonky because the meatballs kept falling apart (mushy meatballs, YUCK!).
And then we were up every 20 minutes at night with buckets and towels, wet wash clothes and soothing words.
Some days are rough.

And yet, there was this glimmer of humor.

May you find opportunities to do the happy dance today!

1 comment:

Robin Fehr said...

Ahhh- that's cute.
Hope that you guys are better soon!
Keep on keeping on....


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