Monday, January 31, 2011

Luxurious me :)

The other day I had a salad.
Not really notable (other than the fact that I don't really like salads!).
But this tasted like a bit of heaven!!

Wee One was the first baby that I could nurse. What a gift this was (I didn't think so at the beginning, but after a while :)...). It was one prayer I had during pregnancy - one that I thought would never happen. With Little M, after weeks of interventions, my milk never came in. I always joked that I had a "let down with the let down." :). With Sweet K, life pretty much fell apart after Day 3, so I didn't need one more thing to worry about.

Last baby. Last opportunity. Wee One.

And wouldn't ya know.... with a significant amount of learning and effort, finally a breast fed baby!!

She has a pretty sensitive system, so there was much I could not eat for the next 6 months. Salads. FRESH GARDEN VEGGIES THAT I HAD SO LOVINGY MANAGED TO PLANT IN THE VIGOROUS NESTING PHASE!!! Popcorn. Coffee (except for one precious cup in the morning.) Cheese.


With the first two babies, I also struggled through post-partum darkness. The first took a year to work through. The second - TWO YEARS. I joked with a friend when pregnant this last time - either, it'll be a walk in the park OR I'll be out for THREE YEARS!! YIKES!!!

Thankfully, this time around was pretty straight-forward. Another gift.

Lately, I can feel myself returning to "normal." (Re)Discovering things that I enjoy. Finding things for myself that fit with this season of my life. Taking time for myself here and there. Making time for conversations and solitude. Blending all the roles and responsibilities with who I am. It is good.

And eating normally again!
The salad tasted spectacular, I munched down as many fresh green beans as humanly possible. I can't begin to describe CHEESE PIZZA, guilt and worry free. DeLISH.

Life's little luxuries feel good!


Heather said...

I had a milk sensitive child, so dairy products were out for several months. It was great to be back on dairy after I weaned her! Glad you get to enjoy any food you would like again! (Also glad things are looking up for you, I went through some similar stuff, and I can tell you, I know how good it feels to "feel good!")

a very sweet life! said...

A hearty AMEN!! It does feel SO GOOD to feel GOOD again!!!


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