Monday, April 4, 2011

Why, Hello There!

Hello Mr. Tooth.
We're pleased to finally make your acquaintance.
I have suspected your arrival for some time now. I was not sure if it was you - or the nasty cold we've been fighting for several weeks - that was the cause of some minor upheaval around here.
Regardless. You have arrived. The cold is gone. Life is back to "normal."
I've tried multiple times to get a picture of you. You are Wee One's OFFICIAL FIRST TOOTH.
This is a photo-moment if there ever was one.
A tiny little pearly white.
Have I mentioned I'm a wee bit thankful now to be using the bottle ;)?

She's a bit of a wiggly little one though, and so it's pretty tough!

Ahem, Mr. Tooth, between you and me, I have mixed feelings about your arrival. Don't get me wrong - you are simply adorable and if my heart didn't melt before at the sight of that gummy little grin, well it's even sweeter now.
You are yet another sign that my sweet little babe is getting older. Maturing. Moving through these milestones with lightening speed.
And that's good and all....
But I'm in no hurry for her to grow up. I love this snuggly little bundle, and just like her two sisters, I try to get all the squeezes and LOVE YOU's and cheek pinches that I can. I certainly don't mind if she dozes off in my arms, or requires a little cuddle after a nap wake-up, or cries ferociously if any one else tries to say hi :).
Because, all too quickly, we'll be counting the teeth that are awaiting the arrival of the infamous tooth fairy and watching as little ones become not-so-little ones and well, it goes fast is all I'm sayin'.
So. If you have a little partner all ready and waiting to show up, can you tell him to hang on just a little :)? I'm in no rush at all.... and I'd like to get a little more sleep before we have to deal with that again!

Love, Wee One's Mama


ruth said...

awww...she is totally sweet.xoxo

Robin Fehr said...

Oh - sweet! I love those pictures! She is truly a cutie!!! Seems like just yesterday that she was born!

Sheila said...

Aww I'm so glad that she's feeling better now, and she's so cute!!


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