Thursday, March 31, 2011

Because sometimes life feels messy

Beware - you're about to see pictures of what our house looks like at around 9 o'clock in the morning.
None of these pictures are arranged for artistic effect.
You'll notice no fuzzy edging.  
Or crop marks.
Or anything fancy like that.
This is how it is most of the time; other days it's worse :).

It got me to thinking though, how life feels chaotic and messy sometimes. A lot of the time.
Projects are left half-finished. It's hard to know where to start and where to leave it.
There are always tasks to do around here (which I think is quite apparent :P...) - the to-do list is never done.
And you're constantly stepping on little blocks or toy dishes --- thankfully, both Puppy and Wee One have managed to avoid getting stomped on in the day-to-day rhythm of life!

But life is like that as well.
The issues of the heart and soul are tackled in bits and pieces; growth seems to come in fits and starts.
The needs around can be so great, so overwhelming that it is really very difficult to discern what to begin and end and pray.
And, as we learn to love and lean, are we not also constantly navigating our steps, sometimes overstepping the limits, other times getting stepped on ourselves? As Mark Knopfler put it - "Sometimes you're the windshield. Sometimes you're the bug." ;)

Several mornings last week it was hard hard hard to crawl out of bed. The weight of discouragement felt heavy. Colds that seemed to run on and on, decisions that need to be made (or at least attended to!), and fatigue that sometimes runs deeper than I ever dreamed possible. 
Sometimes life is very messy indeed.
There is no easy way through it - only to get through it. 
And wait for the sun to shine again.

That, and call Clutter Busters. I think they might have a hayday at my house ;)!!!


Sheila said...

That my house exactly, all you'd need to do is switch the girl toys to boy toys! lol!

Peppermint said...

I thought those were picture of my house! Nice to know I'm not alone in the mommy mess :)

Roo said... this post. your heart. YOUR HOUSE. you.

Robin Fehr said...

Oh, good one! Those girls sure have a hay day with their toys! No wonder they are having so much fun! :)


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