Monday, July 25, 2011


Well, that was an unofficial blogging hiatus.
In fact, I was tempted a few times to post this pic...

Except that we haven't really "gone fishing" ...

...We've survived furniture shopping with three girls 5 and under AND managed to decide on a lovely living room furniture set (since we've been married officially, as of yesterday, for twelve years now :P, we figured it was okay to replace our already-been-loved set with something new).

... We DID make it through the McDonald's drive-thru and headed to a park for a picnic. There was so much excitement in the air you'd have thought it was christmas!!! After finding a cool place to park, the kids jumped out of the van. Sweet K did her funky little dance, all the while exclaiming E-SITED E-SITED E-SITED (excited!! excited!! excited!!).



... Thanks to the generous use of Jon's parents motor home, we did survive a long weekend of camping in extreme heat and humidity. Usually we just take a gigantic tent, peg it down good and voila. Camping. However, this particular weekend was hot 'n steamy, MB style, and we were thankful for the reprieve. We had a great weekend of camping with my family. The kids loved playing with the cousins (6 kids, age 5 and younger!), splashing around in the lake, playing with Grandpa G's assortment of water pistols and so on.

In between the outings, we've eaten far too much ice cream :), kept cool with the water sprinkler, and enjoyed an unseasonably hot MB summer (which has been a welcome switch from the previous several rainy and wet and BUG-infested years!!). My flower beds are actually thriving; in fact some of my pots have suffered due to OVERWATERING. This is very unusual. They typically suffer from over-neglect!
We do some hanging out, some visiting with friends, and I'm trying to whittle down the stack of books that I optimistically signed out from the library but haven't had a chance to finish :).

These are sunny, funny lazy days.
And they are delightful :).

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