Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Molly's Mukluks

When I saw this pattern, I simply could not RESIST giving it a go.
And a go it has been :).
It's probably the most challenging piece I've done, considering it was a pattern from part of a series and I had to figure out some of the stitches without all the pattern information at hand. PLUS, I fell in love with a gorgeous chunky wool that was JUST PERFECT, but not the easiest to crochet with ;).

So, even though there are only two in a set, each boot has been reworked several times, so I feel like I've actually made a couple of pairs!

BUT, it was so worth it.
Aren't they adorable :)?

I got the pattern from CrochetMe - a site offering free and sellable patterns. This particular pattern was from their Baby Series. If you're into stitching, check it out because there are some adorable little patterns there!!!

Now, I am in the process of FINISHING projects before starting up anything new. Because I have a few big projects on the horizon and I'll need time and energy for those. That includes crochet projects. However, I might put together a pattern and just-perfect wool tote for the van, just in case ;).....


Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

Yup! Super cute!

Robin Fehr said...

Awesome! Love them! Worth all that hard work for sure :)
Ummm.... have you checked with Jon about the crochet tote for the van??? eavelay ethay ochetcray
(pig latin for 'leave the crochet')
When did I start speaking in pig latin you may ask??? Well... you never know!

Roo said...

:) yes...adorable!! as are the little feet who will fill them. you are so awesome. xo


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