Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bumper sticker moments

It's the oddest things, sometimes, that will have me burst out laughing.
Out loud.
By myself :).

Like the other day, when I was scurrying around our living area, trying to balance supper prep, the last round of diaper changes until bedtime, tidying a few toys up so that there was space to walk, letting the dog out, and then back in, and then possibly out and back in again ;). Little M was likely asking me to look at something, quite possibly a dance routine because we're really sorta into that thing around here these days. Sweet K was likely chasing Wee One around and around and Wee One was likely lookin' for the next climbing adventure. Because that's what she likes to do. A lot. Nothing is off limits.

Anyway. I probably also had the radio going, because I am a sucker for lots of noise, and hoping for some heartfelt inspiration to get through until the end of the day. Jon was going to walk in the door any minute.

It was life in its chaotic loveliness and I just couldn't help but LAUGH as I thought of a bumper sticker my mom said her college friend used to have on the back of her little car....

Or, in that year after Sweet K was born, and there were so many doctor appointments. Packing up two small kids, heading down town, on winter roads, was a bit of a challenge, particularly when all I wanted was to be at home, where things felt safe and secure. There were a lot of tears and much anxiety.

I was off to one of those appointments. Hadn't given myself time to spare (of course!) and then ---- serious traffic issues. Like C'MON people! Don't ya'll have JOBS during this time of the morning!? We can't ALL be rushing off to the same hospital at the same time!!

Anxiety, by this point, was ringing some serious alarm bells.
Breathing was an issue (do not hyperventilate do not hyperventilate do not....) and I began talking to myself.
Out of the corner of my eye, I see this bumper sticker....

In spite of myself, I burst out laughing.
Sort of. In a tense sorta kinda way.
"AHHHH. Jesus wouldn't have left 10 minutes late!!!" I said out loud :).

May you find much laughter today, smack in the midst of life, with all its mayhem and surprise!


Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

I love it when you write! You are very good at it and I enjoy reading it. Welcome back! :)

joy said...

haha, that made me laugh right out loud! You are the best at finding humor in the toughest places. If I was on a deserted island of trouble, I'd choose you to keep me company because surely you'd help me see the beauty and laughter in that chaos better than I could see! I love the way you love your life of wild and unpredictable blessings. I'm not sure what Jesus would have done; can't imagine him driving downtown Wpg with 2 babies but I'm sure He was sitting next to you as you did!


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