Friday, November 18, 2011

Stay ... stay ... stay... stay.... stayin' alive!!

If you were to ask me how teaching-at-home is going, I'd give you rave reviews!!
I think we're into a rhythm that is working well for us.
Ohhhh, we have our moments, but all in all I think it's going well.
What a gift to embark on such an adventure at this time.

Yes. There is a BUT.
Balancing schooling.... homework.... housework.... an occasional visit.... and personal refreshment is a challenge!
Until just recently, I felt myself simply shutting out many things that I've found enjoyable over the years.
Reading. Too much thinking at the end of a long day.
Writing. Mind is too mushy at the end of a day.
Crocheting. Focus is required and that is lacking at the end of a day ;)
Scrapbooking. That would mean that I would have to clear off the desk in the "Black Room" (a post for another day) and that is too much work at the end of a day
Blogging. Hmmm. That too requires thinking. And reading. And possibly writing. Issues all around at the end of a day!!!

I'd add exercise to the list, but **sigh** can't say I've added that to the "list of enjoyable activities" for quite some time ;). Maybe some day :)???

Admittedly, it has taken  me a while to find that transitional footing once again.
Creating room for things that bring a creative zest to life.
And I'm finding that some of what was once energizing has now changed.
An intriguing journey.
Finding balance at any stage of life is a challenge to be sure.
Yet it is coming and I find hope in the learning and letting go.
And in the mean time, finding ways to Stay Alive!!

If you need a chuckle, check out these fellows from the '70s. YIKES!!

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