Thursday, August 9, 2012

Learning how to share, even after 13 years....

Earlier in July, we decided to replace our computer rather than try to piece together the old one. It was so exciting receiving that package TWO WHOLE DAYS earlier than anticipated, and we've spent a lot of time (sometimes too much time???) trying to restore data (some precious pictures are lost, however. I am sad!!), work out the kinks, and learn the programs that are new(er) to us.

And, we've had to practice sharing :).

On July 24, Jon & I celebrated 13 years of married life.
Seriously, where has the time gone :)?
You mean to say I'm not still in my early twenties (twenty one to be exact, when this picture was taken!!!)???
I don't think we've aged a bit, do you :)?

Several years ago, when M was first entering into that "I don't wanna share" stage, her & I were discussing the "rules" for sharing - "sharables" are things we leave out when other friends come out to play (most of the toys); "breakables" are precious items (baby blankie, special dolly, etc.) that we don't need to share yet. It was a system that diffused some of the stress around sharing and seemed to work well for us. As we talked I explained to my wide-eyed three-year-old.... guess what baby, even GROWNUPS have to learn how to share!! Really??? She wondered. Oh yes, honey. It's a skill you get to practice for your whole entire life!!

We've had thirteen years of practice. Some of it has come easy(-ier :P), some of it has come with a lot of hard work. And it's one thing learning how to share your possessions, your interests, your space, your bathroom :). It's another thing to learn how to share your dreams and your heart, your passions, expectations (realistic or not, voiced is better than guessing!). We've had to practice sharing respectfully, diligently and what NOT to share (ummmm, it's my opinion that not ALL opinions need to be spoken :)!!).

This summer, we got to practice sharing our new computer :)!
All in all, I think it went well, all things considered :P.

PS - I wanted to share an updated picture of us, but unfortunately those are RARE indeed!!! I went to find our previous family picture, but alas, it was lost when our computer crashed. Sigh.


Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

Look at you - so beautiful then, even more beautiful now!

Robin Fehr said...

Nope... haven't aged a bit! lol!
I remember that day so clearly! Can't believe it was 13 years ago! I still remember peeling all the potatoes in the church basement kitchen. Good times...
Congrats on the 13 years :)

Roo said...

love the photos! and the post. :) soooooo beautiful.


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