Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Haze 2012

It feels like it's been a while since I visited this page.

These prairie-humid days have been filled with sprinklers, camp outs, fire sides, Mr. Freeze, chai tea slushies (still working out the kinks on that recipe!!), and bike rides (learning to zoom through life on two wheels or four wheels :P).
Sharing laughs, a backyard swimming pool, afternoon visits and the town fair with friends.
A trip to the Manitoba Museum, tons of picnics and even the occasional, sweet nap for mama!!

These summer days are not all fun and games :). Sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in around us, and a bit of space and privacy wouldn't be a bad thing :).... housework must be worked in between family outings. Going camping means days of prep work and days of clean-up. We negotiate, complain and even argue :P.

And some how, the time whizzes right by.
And now we're into August.
The time of harvest, cooler nights and a few quieter moments.

It feels good to be back :).

What has your summer haze been like :)?


Roo said...


Robin Fehr said...

Summer is going way to fast!
Great pics here! LOVE them :)


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