Thursday, March 28, 2013

Can anyone hear me!??

I can tell by the blog entry dates when, roughly, our precarious sleep situation has fallen to pieces.
Not a lot of fun, those swirly, twirly days of fatigue where things don't always make a lot of sense, but happy to report after weeks of practice, we are on the mend!!

Carrying on.

There are days around this joint when I wonder if anyone is truly listening to a single. word. I. say.
I feel like I repeat myself ... a lot.
Please say that with kindness in your heart. Nope. Try again. With k.i.n.d.n.e.s.s.
Sorry to be a party pooper, but no, you may not jump off the counter. Or run around with a pair of scissors.
Please close fridge door. And the freezer door. And now the fridge door. Again. Stay out of the fridge.
I'm sorry. Using your bathing suit to go swimming in the puddles is not an option for today.

There are times, you know, when I'm mature enough to step in and settle a situation. If Plan A is not working, which usually involves a small amount of reasonable discussion, then it's Plan B.
Which is Say It Once.
Walk Away (especially if the inner temperatures are approaching Steam Coming Out Of The Ears...).
Watch the magic of Logical Consequences (which typically means, NO to a privilege until their YES is  willing obedience).

And I'd LOVE to say I'm mature enough to walk this thru most of the time, buuuut I'm a work in progress, and in the spirit of "keeping it real," there are still many most times when I allow myself to get sucked into a debate and repeat myself. A lot :).

I know. I only have myself to thank!

So. Imagine my surprise, delight and Laugh-Out-Loud moment when I heard this the other day:

Oldest sister was making some sort of noise that Littlest Sister found irritating. Likely whistling.
Littlest sister DID try to solve the problem herself (which is a positive step) by asking Oldest sister to stop.
Which she did not (not quite a positive step).
Littlest Sister became quite irritated.
She started to both raise her voice AND mutter under her breath.
"Will you please stop making that noise. I just can't hear myself think." !!!

She's 2. And she's repeating exactly what she's heard someone else around here (moi!) say!!

Yup. I guess they do listen!!

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love you! xoxo


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