Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The art of truly being happy for someone else...

Every day I learn through my kids. Each one.
Without them, or Jon, I am fairly sure I would not be half the person I am.
Sleeping better at night, maybe :), but certainly no where near the character ;)!

We've been working on our potty-training-skilz for a long loooooong time.
Because of development issues, having two move through this milestone has taxed my patience more than I thought possible.
Though we've seen some major progress, and for this I am thankful, each day we work on this is ... well... work.

Today I was thinking to myself... I will just finish ONE MORE THING before taking K to the potty.... Oh silly self. You'd think you'd learn by now.
Each time you even think that, it is too late.
And it was. Another accident.

And while I'm in the process of cleaning up my five-year-old, my two-and-a-half your old scoots up onto the potty, makes good use of it ;), and proudly pronounces her achievement!

My heart stirs at this point.
Joy mingles with discouragement.

But does K let this discourage her?
Does she compare?
Does she feel wearied??

Absolutely not.

She is L's biggest cheerleader; her biggest fan.

With all the enthusiasm contained within her sweet self, K cheers and claps and YAHs for her younger sister - L has peed on the potty!!

And I bow my head.
Thank you LORD for teaching me.
What it means to Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Romans 12:15 NRSV

Every day I need to know this, to remember, and my heart needs you to carry it out.

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Roo said...

amen. she is sooo precious.


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