Monday, April 12, 2010

Bed Bugs :)

This weekend marked a milestone around here.

Jon set up the bunk bed :).

The girls were giddy with excitement (understatement of the year!!), feeling all grown up. Many times throughout the day I find Sweet K just sitting on her bed, hanging out. In fact, she totally surprised me by climbing allllll the way up the ladder, dangling precariously at the top and scooting onto Little M's bed before I had a chance to stop her.
I thought we had a little bit before she figured that trick out :). We now remove the ladder for the day!

Normally I love love LOVE the novelty of something new. When I buy a new shirt, I will wear it around the house the next day just for fun :). Ya just never know when you need to look a little more dressed up :).

And, with all the price shopping and internet searching for just the RIGHT BUNK BED, I was just as excited as the girls were. Yet with mixed feelings. In fact, if we didn't have another wee one due to arrive soon, I think I would've been down right depressed!

They are growing. up. Fast.

Feels like just yesterday I tucked first Little M, then eventually her sweet little sister, into that crib. And now they are both little girls. The past few weeks have been tough slugging in the parenting department around here. I love learning about each one, the nuances that enhance their individuality, how their personality is shaping their character. It's a fascinating journey that has me on my knees often. Yet some days it is h.a.r.d. work. Not so much because their phase is particularly difficult, but because of the things I need to learn, the ways in which I am being refined (which are many!), and the control I need to learn to release.

It means saying "yes" more than "no," or saying "no" for the right reasons, rather than avoiding an inconvenience.
It means embracing an interruption rather than resisting it.
It means letting Little M color on my coloring page, even after I've colored it "just so"
or letting Sweet K get her clothes all wet from playing in the sink while we "work" together at the counter.
It means praying on the run, sometimes, because quiet time is scarce.
It means taking time for myself, even when it is not convenient OR it requires a lot of organizing!
It means loving and allowing myself to be loved in our cozy little corner of this crazy world.

It is where I'm meant to be, and it is good.



Surprisingly, the transition to the "big kid bed" has gone remarkably well. This morning we had a hoot sticking wall stickers all around the room. It's surprising how far the 300 sticker bonus pack will go!!!!! That's a llllllloooooooooooot of stickers :P. And as Little M flitzed past me today, she exclaimed, "our room is soooooo pretty!" I'm glad they like it, because a cozy little bedroom corner has always been important to me. Glad they can enjoy theirs too.


Robin Fehr said...

Oh, that's good! Those pictures are amazing! Their smiles are so contagious! Good job.
Hopefully K will love her new bed SOOO much, that she won't want to wake up in the night...
Is there still room for the crib in there?

Roo said...



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