Thursday, April 8, 2010

Songs I'm singing these days...

As a journal-er, I often think of the experiences of daily life in journal entry captions.
Clarity PLEASE!
Today is already not the best day, and it's only 7AM!!
Sunshiney daze!

Then there was that slightly moderately creepy phase where I began to process random occurrences as facebook entries.
 - Leah is really really really tired of saying the same thing - the exact same thing - the very same thing - at least one hundred times in a variety of ways throughout a given day.
 - Leah is somewhat perplexed by having developed a tendency to refer to herself in the third person. "Mommy said ... Mommy loves you ... Mommy said please. don't. argue!!!!"
 - Leah has officially reached the age where selective hair-plucking has become a priority. Ouch!

Every so often, though, a line from a song will zip through my head (and I may or may not have the misfortune of singing it all day long!), capturing the essence of a moment. :)
1. Take my breath awayyyyyy, awyyyyyy, ayyyyyyyy - Top Gun Soundtrack
These days, all Jon has to do is mention the word "walk" (as in outside, enjoying the great outdoors, which is great exercise but requires a substantial amount of "oompha" at the end of the day!!) and I go into a 45-minute long Braxton Hicks contraction. Seems my dear little uterus wants to get in on the exercise too! All fine and dandy, but ---gasp--- it gets soooo hard to breathe! Even just making the bed, or sheesh, simply walking up the stairs leaves me breathless, and if I happen to be on the phone at the moment, I sound like an obscene caller!! I may feel like I've done a workout, but I can assure you, it's been a long long while since that has happened!!

Oh my. For the entire month of March, Sweet K did not sleep well. Therefore, neither did I. The first week was manageable. The second, tolerable. But by the third, my memory was pretty much wiped clear and I couldn't remember important information like people's names (gets a little awkward!) or my own age (I'm perpetually 25, which I know isn't true, but somehow, I can't seem to move on!).
AND, for the entire month of March, Little M has honed her arguing skills. Seriously. She'll argue just for fun. And due to the aforementioned lack of sleep, I found myself (too often, I'm afraid!!) getting pulled into these little tiffs until we were both so hot and bothered it was just plain ridiculous!! I finally succumbed to reading parenting books that I've started in hopes of finding some direction (and I got some, they are actually very good books!) - however, I can't seem to remember anything I've read ;).

By Week 4 I had almost entirely lost perspective. During our little getaway, I stood at the counter of a fabric store. With 4 bolts of material. On SALE! Ready to make one more quilt - boy or girl - needing to be prepared. There before me stood one of the cheeriest fabric workers I have ever met in my entire life. His zest for helping customers find the perfect material was evident. Perhaps mid fifties, little round spectacles, a couple of earrings and slightly less hair, his name fit him perfectly. Gandolf. I showed him my stack. And I asked his assistance. As he eagerly launched into the information about measurements and what I'd need, my mind began to melt. No coherent thought could be formed. It was 5:30 at the end of a very long day, and I could no longer process information or make decisions. I finally blinked blinked blinked at him and told the poor fellow that my brain had turned to mush (he looked a little concerned!!). I ended up buying less fabric than I actually needed, and though it'll do, I may need to visit the local fabricland one more time! This whole scenario almost had me reduced to tears. Funny combo those hormones and fatigue. Almost enough to make a person really crazy!!

3. Weebles weeble wobble but they won't fall down!! - For those of us born in the 70s, we may have played with Weebles :). I love being pregnant. Not always comfortable, but certainly quite enjoyable. However, over the past several weeks, I've developed that distinctive "sway" (I refuse to call it a waddle, because that just sounds plain rude!!!). As I've puttered around the house, somewhat clumsy and slightly off balance, I've caught myself singing this catchy jingle :). And I've yet to really take a tumble, though I do misjudge door ways, stumble on stairs and bump my kids in the head with my belly :).

There ya have it. My life is a song :). Keeps me laughin' anyway, even on the days when things get tough.

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