Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh the things we do for fun :)

1. We make techni-color cupcakes!!!
Well, this was one project I tackled alone :) while the girls splashed in the tub.
Baking with kids is adventure enough; baking with food coloring spells disaster (even when I'm by myself!)
These little goodies were for the Sunday School Beach Day back in February.
Generously coated with confetti icing, they were a hit ;).

2. Cozy Cruisers
We drive around The Brick in style :). Our mission was to hunt out bunk beds, but the girls got a kick outta these buggies!!

3. We make a joyful noise unto the LORD :) (Psalm 100:!)
Sometimes singing, sometimes dancing, lots of times, laughing :).

4. We play dress up.
Sharp dresser, don't ya think ;)?

5. We play with bugs :).
Notice the snow outside. This was one of those days I was itching to mow the lawn or do some gardening. SO we decided to paint our own bug collection. 
Spring is a'comin'!!

6. Baby Countdown!!
Little M often asks me when the baby is coming.
How do you explain 7 weeks till due date to a four-year-old!?
So. We crafted a countdown chain. 
Each day at supper we take off another link - a visual reminder that we are getting closer and closer to meeting Little One face to face for the first time.
Of course, I was also careful to include the disclaimer that the baby might come SOONER or a little LATER - but this gives us an idea of when :).

Just a few things we do for fun ;).

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Roo said...

we made some of those rock animals last week too!!!!!!


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