Friday, May 7, 2010


I've been looking forward to yesterday for quite a while :).
Back in March, I was listening to the radio (a rare occasion, considering there is plenty of activity around here without it on!!) and I heard an announcement for an upcoming concert in Winnipeg.
I knew I wanted to go.
Very uncharacteristic of me, I emailed Jon to let him know that I would like tickets for my birthday.

I had to chuckle. Although I do enjoy Christian music, I do not consider myself a huge Michael W. Smith fan. Somehow, I can't get past the 80s feeling :). I much prefer his new worship-style music. But he was coming to Winnipeg, along with Down Here, and I knew that I really wanted to go.

So we went last night, and I'm so glad we did :).

I would not say "concert stage performer" is Smith's exactly forte, but he is very, very gifted at leading worship. I loved it when he simply stood with his guitar or keyboard and sang!! I marveled as an auditorium full of people gathered to sing and praise; each with their own experience of God and encounters with His marvelous grace. My soul was fed.

He, unfortunately did not sing my favorite of his songs... A New Hallelujah. So, I'll be playing it a lot today ;).

I also very much enjoyed the band that was touring with Smith, Down Here. Many years ago, lyrics from two of their songs spoke very deeply to me, totally impacted my heart and I went out and bought one of their albums. Back when I was dealing with an abundance of panic attacks, the song, Calmer of the Storm was very powerful. As well, when I was working through some intensely painful situations that made no sense at the time, the praise song, Great Are You, drew me near to the heart of God.

Unfortunately, they did not song those particular songs, but I discovered some new favorites :).
How Many Kings?
My Last Amen

It was a great evening!

 - I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in years, and gave her two hugs in a row just because I could!!

 - On our way to the concert, Jon asked if I wanted to stop for coffee at Tim Hortens!!!!! (He's not a coffee drinker AT ALL, it's a relational cross we bear and I love him anyways :P!!!!!!!!, but apparently he was desperate for caffeine!).

Plus, I just had to laugh. Every time I go to a concert I run into the same realization... small confession - I've always wanted to become a bass guitar player :)!! They always have their own funky groove AND they always wear the coolest sneakers EVER!!!


Robin Fehr said...

Great post! I'm SO glad you guys could get out, get some coffee, and enjoy the concert! It sounds like it was really good! I'll check out some of those song links...

Roo said...

ooooooooooooooh fun!!

Sylvia said...

We went to his concert on Friday night here in Saskatoon. I agree that the worship segments were amazing! I was so glad when he got "friends" over with and we could get on with other stuff. And Down Here was really good too. I'd never heard of them before but especially liked How Many Kings?

Welcome Home made me think a LOT about Gary Hildebrand.

Glad you enjoyed your evening. so did we! Connections despite time and space!


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