Monday, May 10, 2010


Every so often I get a baaaaad case of the giggles.
Sometimes the timing is ... appropriate.
Other times, not so much ;). AwkWARD!

Last night was one of those times.
All of us were tucked under the covers.
The house was quiet.
The babes were sleeping soundly (PTL!!!).
Jon was almost asleep himself.
And I started to snicker. And chuckle. I tried stuffing it, I really did, but that wasn't working so well. And finally I burst out laughing right out loud :)!!!

I couldn't help but envision the lunch time scenario around here. It's not .... uncommon, but certainly not an every day occurrence either :).
We were home late from church. I was in a hurry to put lunch together. I had cranked the element all the way to toast those hash browns as fast as possible, baby!!!
They were toasty and crispy, but not burnt --- though, as I pulled them off the element, I noticed a certain ... haze in the house. No sooner had I thought it and ..... BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. The fire alarm goes off. [Again.]

The funny part was Jon's reaction. He emerged from the washroom, towel in hand, waved away the wafting smoke, looked at me, and disappeared again.

I recall, with great fondness, my dad's speech at our wedding...
"Jon," he says, "you strike me as the kind of guy who likes to have all his papers in nice neat stacks, all organized, just so."
Tis true.
Everyone laughed.
He continued. "Well, every so often something comes along and messes up those piles a bit.... and I have a feeling you just married her!!"

Oh yes, yes he did :).

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Roo said...

hahahahahahahaah !!!!!


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