Sunday, May 9, 2010

My cup overflows....

How did you celebrate the mother(s) in your life today :)?

Today was a huge gift, all the way around....
 - I got to start my day all to myself, with 90 minutes of solid solitude time...
 - ... after which, Little M came and snuggled with me in my chair, cozy under afgans, patiently watching me journal and learn at the feet of Jesus...
 - We enjoyed a leisurely morning. No Sunday school for us, so we lingered and laughed as we prepared to meet with other worshippers this morning.
 - Little M had made me a Mothers Day picture at preschool. I had specific instructions NOT to look at it all week, and she took great care and precaution in hiding it in her closet until "the big day." This morning, after tickling her daddy's feet to wake him up for the day (a weekend ritual around here :P), with much fanfare, I finally got to see this beautiful picture. It is now on "the wall." :)
 - I got a card that made me laugh and laugh. It is a talking card, and it starts off with "YOU are the QUEEN!" It is soooo cute and we listened to it several times in a row!
 - I got coated in kisses and hugs, hand-printed with sticky oatmeal fingers, felt a baby move within, felt loved, enjoyed and appreciated.
 - I got to share church with fellow believers, with a husband and kids who believe the same as I do...
 - I got to laugh with family members, slip in a quick nap, make a perfectly delicious salad only to forget the delicious salad at home ;P instead of bringing it to a gathering, and play with nephews.
 - I got to enjoy the sunshine, wear flip-flops, and admire the pedicure I got yesterday :).
 - I got to talk with people I hadn't really spoken with before. We might even get together for coffee. How neat is that!
 - I only had to get up twice last night, rather than every 45-60 minutes, which has been the pattern this week. The fatigue is really getting to me, but by God's grace, it is manageable!!!

Today was Mothers Day. Filled to the brim with gratitudes and grace.
And tomorrow is Monday ;). Full of opportunities to practice gratitude and grace :).

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Roo said...

you are beautiful!


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