Sunday, August 15, 2010


This is one's perspective on life after very little sleep....
slightly hazy and over-exposed

This is one's perspective on life after a bit more rest!
clarity and focus

In the fog of fatigue, it is sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees, or rather the garden through the weeds :). These days I find I have a mild moderate slightly acute obsession with all things sleep-related!!! However, I find it most reassuring that even when I can't see things as clearly as I'd like, and I may not always feel like my best self (the other day I was asked to spell my name, and I admit, I had a brain stall!), experience has taught me that these things too will come around again :).

We've been enjoying a lovely summer full of great memories. With only a few short weeks left before school life resumes for Jon and Little M trots off to kindergarten (sob sob sob soooooob!!), we've been balancing family fun with time-that-this-mom-needs-at-home (I have stated quite emphatically more than once that for every day we are out and about I need at least ONE FULL DAY to recover --- especially if anyone wants clean clothes in the closet or clean dishes in the cupboards!!). We've played at the park on several evening occasions, visited with friends whom we haven't seen in a long long while, shared outings with grandparents, paid a visit or two to Superstore :) and even tackled SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING - which was extraordinary fun!

Learning how to handle fatigue well has been a theme in my life for the last 4 years. Whether it has been tackling the insomnia that surfaced after both Little M and Sweet K were born, learning how to best help Sweet K with her sleep problems (an on-going issue), and now adjusting to life with an infant (who, by the way, has been sleeping better at night than her older two sisters --- sheesh!!!), my constant desire is not simply to SURVIVE this season, but to THRIVE in it as well.

This comes from a strength I do not have on my own. 
The days when I remember to centre my perspective and pray for the ability to live well and love well go far smoother than the days when I wake up grumpy and stay that way pretty much for the rest of the day ;). 
The days when I count my gratitudes are overwhelming with blessing rather than overwhelming with all the demands of time and energy.
Sometimes too many days pass before I remember that this is the way I long to live. But it's coming. And it is good.


Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

Ah, yes, I am always amazed at the strength the Lord gives to sleep-deprived parents - sometimes only strength enough to trudge, other times strength enough to skip, but strength none-the-less. PS: In your "about me", your baby has come. Unless there is another one we don't know about??!! :)

Roo said...

i've been thinking about you...xoxo love you friend.

a very sweet life! said...

Ha ha, Chantelle!! NO MORE LITTLE ONES ON THE HORIZON!!! I've adjusted my profile accordingly ;). Thanks for the heads up!!!


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