Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Earth Angel

As always, posts "percolate" for a while before I add them to my blog. Many many many ideas never find their way into words. 

I've been wanting to do a on someone very special for a long time. But I was just waiting for all the words to gather together....

At first I was going to call it "Super Woman"... but then, in an email one day, my youngest sister referred to my mom as "Earth Angel" and I knew I'd found the phrase I'd been searching for.

To call her "Super Woman" wouldn't be accurate. She's not ever "above anyone" or superior in any way.  Though how she manages to do as much as she does for all of us that know her is still a mystery to me.  Rather, she's an Earth Angel. She's practical,  reliable,  and always always always ready to help.
She doesn't ever claim to have all the answers, but listens to me as I sort through life's issues. She is a sounding board, and even when we don't see things from the same perspective (her floors are spotless, mine are seldom washed :); she's always early, I'm usually late!!; she presses ahead while I tend to question things a bit more), she doesn't try to convince me otherwise. She lets me learn ;). Especially as I dealt with stuff at the beginning of Sweet K's life, I had her on speed-dial. Her words to me, "call anytime..." meant more than anything else she could have done or said. Except for those times when she brought over homemade soup and treats, maybe ;).

 "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" - Charles Caleb Colton once said. We are very different people, and I wouldn't do everything the same way, but I do hope that I can be the stable, listening, guiding presence to my girls that my mother has been to me. 
What an honor that would be.

As I looked for pictures of my mother, I couldn't find very many. That's because she's always hovering in the background, lending a helping hand whenever possible. At birthday parties, christmas festivities, outings and so on, she's always there, ready to grab a stroller or a diaper bag and lend a helping hand. The other day, Sweet K cried when "Gama" left. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she wandered around the house, looking for her friend. I felt sad too. I enjoy our visits, our frequent phone chats and our laughs. Because there is ALWAYS something to laugh about!!!
She prays, she listens,
she learns and laughs with us.
My siblings and I are blessed.
Thank you mom!!!

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Robin Fehr said...

Yup- I have to agree! Don't know what I'd do without her!!


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