Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Tale of Three Smooches!

Frequently throughout this last pregnancy, I got asked if I was hoping for a boy.
I'd smile and chuckle -- I guess with two gallies already, a boy would round things out a bit.

Especially for Jon. I suspect there'll be some serious pre-teen mood swings around this place ;).

But, truthfully, it really didn't matter to me one iota. The fact that we'd gone on to have a third child was already the fulfillment of a deep longing, and it wasn't that we were "trying" for a boy. I knew, in my heart, that our family was missing someone and that this person was meant to be.

Little M desperately wanted a brother, though. She even "talked to God" about it one evening while we were saying our prayers. Our conversation went something like this:

M: Mommy, should we ask God if we are having a boy or a girl?
Me: Well, we could.....
M: Okay. God. God? God?? Are you there? Silence.
Me: Really wondering what was going on in M's silence. What kind of lessons would she learn from this prayer? What kind of questions would she ask!?
M: God? Yeah, are we having a brother or a sister? Silence.
Me: Welllllll?
M: God said we are having a boy!!!!
Me: Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see, won't we :)!

Well, we went on to have another beautiful baby girl. We were DELIGHTED!!!

Smooch #1: Little M
aka. Firecracker.
She is witty, intelligent, sensitive
and challenges me because she is 
so very much like me :). 
I LOVE her passion!!

 Smooch #2: Sweet K
aka. gentle
Her name literally means sweet-scented spice
and she is so mild-tempered.
Even at this young age, she has a definite soft spot 
for people with disabilities. She gravitates toward them,
seeking to draw them into play time.
Blesses my heart every time!

Smooch #3: Wee One
Little Miss Wiggle
She is active. 
ALWAYS moving. 
Always discovering.
From the moment we put her on her stomach that very first time,
she was trying to crawl!
My sisters (who both have sons) hoped I'd have a boy that would 
dangle from the chandeliers!!!
I may not have a son, but I suspect that this little one will keep
me hopping!!!!

When Jon came home from the hospital to tell the girls they had a sister, we were not sure what Little M's reaction would be. She knocked our socks off with her response:

Jon: You girls have a baby sister. We're going to have THREE GIRLS in this family.
M: "Well daddy, that's just three times the trouble!!!"

We love this three-daughter life, and are delighted by them daily.
We eagerly anticipate living through the adventure of the Tale of Three Smooches!!!


Roo said...

awww.. so sweet.

Ashlee said...

Having 3 girls is so special :)

Robin Fehr said...

Oh... that's cute! She's sweet. And yes.... there is atleast 3 times the trouble! :-0


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