Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let Heaven and Nature Sing

Snow or no snow :), we've already started decorating for Christmas around here!! The tree will wait until the weekend, but there are evergreen garlands and lights, and little festive, shiny, sparkly bits of fun everywhere!

I was inspired the other day while standing by my dryer, folding yet another load of laundry. A prayer phrase began to stir in my heart. In the past few months, as life has adjusted to the presence of a newborn, and time alone is scarce indeed, the chore task of laundry has often become a place of prayer. It's not for long periods of time, but particularly when there are 5+ loads to sort and fold and wash and dry, I can find myself standing there for a length of time!

As the refrain, let heaven and nature sing!! settled into my mind, I reflected on the simplicity and beauty of these words. 

Too often I feel like I'm scrambling through the day...  
trying to teach the littles all the things I think they'll need to know... 
or attempting to finish at least one chore before starting another (somehow, there are always dishes and seldom a fully tidy counter!!!)... 
or striving to live a life worthy of the calling I have received (Eph. 4:1).

Not often enough these days, do I find myself just resting in the greatness of God.

“‘Holy, holy, holy
   is the Lord God Almighty,’
   who was
and is
and is to come.”
Revelation 4:8b

 I felt like this was a fitting focus for Advent. For those precious moments when I can slip away, alone, to rest in the One who came to make a way and will come again to make all things right. 

We are invited to revel in His JOY, 
to participate in His revelation of love, 
and to bear witness to His splendor and majesty that is worthy of all adoration and praise.

I need a lot of visual reminders these days :). I easily forget and lose my focus. I found this delightful picture, added the words that center my heart, printed it off and framed it so that I can be drawn back into this reality each time I see the photo that is perched on my windowsill.

The inspiration to decorate for Christmas came at the perfect time. Little M had only ONE DAY of school last week, and so the fun process of unpacking trinkets, checking lights and vacuuming up alllll the bits of tinsel that found their way around the house lasted for a few days. What FUN we had! We listened to the first round of Christmas music, dimmed the lights for the full, mini-light effect and tried to light candles that were cheap and not very effective ;). (Note to self, you'll need to pick up more tea lights!)

“Great and marvelous are your deeds, 
   Lord God Almighty. 
Just and true are your ways, 
   King of the nations. 
Who will not fear you, Lord, 
   and bring glory to your name? 
For you alone are holy. 
All nations will come 
   and worship before you, 
for your righteous acts have been revealed."
Revelation 15:3b-4

Let heaven and nature sing!

ps - Thought I LOVE snow, I am thankful that it has not yet officially arrived. These weeks, we travel to school 1-3 times per week, and the morning and afternoon walks are SPECTACULAR!!


Sylvia said...

I was very excited to learn that today is actually the beginning of Advent for Celtic Christians. They took the 40 days before Christmas to prepare during Advent, just as they do the 40 days before Easter as Lent. It makes perfect sense in our darkening days, to focus our thoughts on the immensity of Almighty God coming as an infant. Indeed, let Heaven and Nature sing.

Robin Fehr said...

I can't wait to put on the Christmas music, somehow the lyrics mean more to me all the time! I am waiting until Dec 1 though :)
Great post. I look forward to seeing (atleast a pic) of your Christmas tree!
And now... we have SNOW! and lots of it!


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