Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the business of shaping hearts

Next time I get asked what I do for a living, I am tempted to respond -
"Oh. I'm in the business of shaping hearts."
And what a delightful (and often challenging!) business it is!!

I cannot think of a higher responsibility, nor greater honor, than shaping the hearts of these little ones that God has entrusted to my care. The days that we spend together seem to fly by too quickly. Before I know it, another week is gone; another month, another year.

Recently I picked up a good book:

I've read through the first several chapters, and all I can say is that IT IS GOOD.
Have you read it? Any thoughts on it?


Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

I love that book! To be honest, I never finished it but I really want to own it! It compliments "Bringing Up Boys" wonderfully! Both fantastic! Good choice!

Robin Fehr said...

I should read it. Right after I read Bring Up (Rambuctious crazy) Boys.
Ohhhh.... sigh...
maybe I can get them on audio. One more thing to listen to while rocking the babe.


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