Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just in case this never happens again!

Just for the record, this morning we made it to school in record-for-Leah time!

Somehow, even with a shower, getting three kiddos ready, two off to school, and dressing up a bit myself, we actually made it to school with time to spare.

Like sit-in-the-van-for-FIVE-MINUTES time to spare.

I tell ya, this rarely never happens!! We are usually the ones running down the street with the double stroller, laughing our heads off because we must look like QUITE the sight :). Three babes on a stroller built for two, back packs flapping in the breeze, hats bobbin' and scarves wavin' as this mama keeps repeating -- well THIS is my workout for the day. (Those strollers get HEAVY particularly if there is a nasty windchill ;P.)  Keeps the neighbors entertained, anyway!

And now I'm enjoying some lovely quiet time to myself.
A cup of coffee,
a bit of country music
and some blessed PAQ.
Life is good :).

1 comment:

Robin Fehr said...

LOVE IT! You guys are priceless!


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