Friday, October 7, 2011


The Ride. Saturday, October 2.
It was a gorgeous, sunny morning.
The wind, a fierce competitor :).

However, our motley group assembled at the designated meeting space at a crisp 8am; personally I did have a cup of coffee in hand :).
We were excited and ready to get going!

In total, our team raised $5,205.00, 60% of which will go directly to CPC for doppler equipment and ultrasounds through Baby Moon. $3,123 can go a long long way (and save a lot of lives, too!).

The Winnipeg Ride itself brought in over $62,000!! 

While I pedaled my humble little bicycle, borrowed helmet and all, I thought about a few things...
1. How goodgoodgoodgood it felt to be out first thing in the morning (yes, brisk wind and all!), with the sun shining and the blood pumping. When working at camp one summer, I discovered the beauty of the early morning. I've been hooked ever since! I was thankful to be able to enjoy it outside :). I drove through as many crunchy leaf piles as I could. Sheer delight!! Once a kid, always a kid!!

2. Lately, Jon & I have been hedging around the topic of finding a different home --- not a different community, but a different home. Not any time soon, though before our Wee One needs a bedroom (right now she camps out in the living room in her play pen!!!). I'm thinking --- nope --- love it right where I am. I'm sure there are accommodations we could make. But such talk has gotten me thinking about how dreadful, how utterly awful, it would be to be displaced. Wandering. Invaded. Exiled. Shunned. Some of the money raised in this ride will go to help people who live and breathe that reality.

3. As much as I love my little family (and I thoroughly adore each and every one of them), I thought about how good it felt to have a wee break. And then I thought of the moms, particularly the single moms, who do not have that luxury. Who slug through the ups and downs of parenting, day in, day out. Alone. A lot of money we raised will go to help support moms who desperately need a kind word, a shoulder to lean on, a place to have their voice heard. 
A place to tell their story. 
A place to begin a new one.

On the iPod that morning....
Let God Arise, Chris Tomlin
Here Is Our King, David Crowder Band
Everlasting God, Chris Tomlin
O Praise Him, David Crowder Band
Bubbly, Colbie Caillat
Smile, Uncle Kracker

Our Team Troopers!! 6-year-olds with a heart to make a difference!!

The end of the ride came way to soon, a mere 35 minutes later. 
Next year, I'd love to try the 25km. 
Just to see what happens :).

However, the ending was really only the beginning. 
Awareness is one thing; what you do with it altogether another.

** Special thanks to my sweet friend Ruth and her husband Brian for the pics :). They are both fabulous shutterbugs!!!


Sheila said...

That's so awesome! It's such a great feeling to accomplish goals!

Too bad I never get to see you at school...How's she liking grade 1?

a very sweet life! said...

Thanks Sheila!
We are really enjoying teaching M at home this year. It is much more manageable than I thought it would be -- however, there are things that get done, and things that don't ;). For the most part we're into a rhythm that seems to be working well all around.

We DO however miss our daily visits at the play ground! Especially with these gorgeous fall days. Yesterday K had preschool, so we were able to linger at the park and say hi to a few familiar faces :).


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