Thursday, December 22, 2011

And here I sit, sipping tea :)

In a season overflowing with the abundance of good things, today is a lovely quiet day in the midst of the swirl.
A day of not rushing,
of sneaked-in snuggles,
of exploring a few of the new things we've been given, of watching Wee One toss her blankie on Diggy's head and squeal with delight (it's like unwrapping a gift over and over and over --- Diggy is a saint already, if dogs are given such status, for all he's lovingly endured over the years!!),
of lingering at the computer with a cup of tea. In the morning! Imagine!!

Every year there is a tension between all the things I'd love to do and all the time and energy with which to do them :) (oh and this is not just a christmas time phenomenon --- there is always a TON of projects I'd like to try, and only a select few ever get attempted :P.... even fewer are ... ahem ... successful!). There are a few handmade lovelies awaiting their finishing touches. Precious time spent with precious neighbors, family and friends. Gift-hunting expeditions (some easier than others!) that are also about making memories as we hunt and seek :). Christmas plays, Boney M christmas carols played over and over and over and over (I've added others to the playlist to help round it out a bit, but these are the ones Little M frequently chooses!!) .... and the occasional christmas baking too.

Yesterday was a sweet milestone. Celebrating Little M's 6th birthday. Tuesday night, at midnight, as has become a yearly tradition, I am cleaning home and decorating cake. Wondering.... is this reasonable? Is it worth it :)? Is sleep not more important :)? But, as Wednesday dawned, excitement set in and we enjoyed having commotion in our home :).

The wisdom of Ecclesiastes 3 speaks to me -- and reminds me that there is a time for everything.
There is a time for hustle and bustle.
There is a time for quiet and rest.
Both are good, and necessary, in balance ;).

My cup of tea is gone. Actually, the whole pot is finished! Yikes, I suspect the caffeine will hit me anytime now.

May you find time to linger today.

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christine said...

love it Leah! Have a cup for me...happy birthday to that little princess of yours.


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