Saturday, December 31, 2011

Intentional living

The clock is inching ever closer to New Years.
The one night of the year when I might be tucked in bed, sleeping peacefully, by 11 ;).
It's not that I'm a party-pooper, per se.
It's just that, between Christmas festivities, and an almost-maniacal attempt to organize the house (I get a little buzzy about things like that after a busy time!), I am all partied out for a little while.
Say, till the next birthday.
Or the next snow day.
Or the next thank-you-Jesus-for-this-great-day Day. And those happen from time to time, and bursts of it throughout my days. God is good :).

I'm all about intentional living. I review things periodically, tweak here and there (in some cases, nothing short of a personal overhaul is in order!!) and truly desire to live life with a God-focus.

But, as new years creeps closer, along with the resolution list, I find myself chuckling....

Here are the Top Ten things I could never resolve to do, because simply.... I just couldn't.....

10. Get my heiny in bed before 10pm every night for a week. Friends, I can't even do this one night! It would be good great spectacular splendiforous wise for me to create that habit, but alas, I am a night-owl and a morning person rolled into one and I treasure my afternoon naps like gold (so does my family ;P).

9. Give up coffee. Probably not ever. I twitch just thinking about :). Come mighty close when I'm pregnant, but I'm not and so it's almost .... unthinkable!!

8. Checking the calendar on a daily basis. I like to think of it more as a ..... frequent consultation rather than a daily obligation. Consequently, Jon has occasionally reminded me.... not to forget .... appointments .... and I've had therapy people show up here .... with me totally and completely unprepared!! And first I scold Diggy for going off like a third-degree alarm bell, until I realize..... riiiiggghhht. Company.  At least I could serve them coffee, right :P?

7. Completely kick the comparison habit thing. I've tried, I tell ya, I've tried. And honestly, I think I'm getting better at giving it the 'ole heave-ho when I see it lingering. But sometimes, it's sneaky. And I'll find myself comparing and comin' up awful short and feeling kinda crummy (sometimes awfully crummy) .... until I realize... girl, this is bad form ;). Sometimes this is easy. Sometimes.... not.

6. Give up snow. I just can't. I love it. Not for 10 months out of a 12-month calendar, mind you, but I'm ready for a doozy of a snow storm. Especially since I got two cozy pairs of slippers for christmas, and several pounds of coffee from Ten Thousand Villages. I'm alllll set to go :).

5. Say no to the thrill of an adventure. Whether it's an outing with the girls (and I can honestly say, some of those are quite .... interesting....) or a family excursion.... there's something to be said for packing everyone up and trying something new. Of course, before we had kids and could actually sleep at night ;) I had a bit more energy in the reserve for things like this. And often I do tend to put the brakes on before getting caught up in the enthusiasm of the moment. But hey, the more the merrier, and what I lack in zest I get oodles of in memories!

4. Give up words. I use 'em all the time. Ya know those meals at camp where you weren't supposed to say a THING --- like a monk meal --- those were h.a.r.d. for me ;). But it's more than speaking. I love journaling and discovering story through song and learning how to listen. Sometimes silence is divine, and the older I get the more I drive in the vehicle with the radio OFF. But, especially in silence, there is much to be heard.

3. Quit running on my own clock. I've said it before. And I'm working on it and have seen some vast improvements over the years. But I will probably never be the early bird ;). Not often, anyways!!

2. Forgo my tendency to collect little treasures from MCC. Our MCC is the best ever. Not too crowded, really quite tidy. And there is almost always a little gem to take home. Most of my purchases are totally reasonable (not like I'm high on the thrill of something new and take it home only to wonder what on earth was I really thinking ????) and the money is going for something GOOD. But since we've discovered the gold at MCC, we visit frequently :).

1. It's late, and I'm not sure what else I could not give up. Probably silly things like vacuuming the carpets in straight lines, having tidy piles (they may be piles, but at least they're lined up!), my compulsion to have everything in the fridge in its right "spot" (and yes, I will shuffle it around if things are askew!), my tendency to think out loud (this can be a bit of a problem-causer though, and perhaps worthy of further review!), or my slippers in just the right spot at the side of my bed (hey, I'm up often at night, I need to know where they are ;P).

There ya have it.
Happy New Years.
Happy January 1.
Greetings 2012.

There are many things that I will embrace for this year. But likely, these are not them ;).

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