Friday, December 2, 2011

Spec-tacular review!!

A while ago already I began wanting new glasses. At several hundred dollars a pop though, I wasn't about to rush out and buy myself some "just because." During the kid-wrestling matches we have here during the evenings (our kids get increasingly wound up between dinner and bed-time --- are we the only ones ;P???), I hoped that someone would sit and my head and break my glasses (it's happened before!!) ---- but it didn't work out that way this time.

It was time to take measures into my own hands.
And no, I did not "accidentally" sit on my own glasses!

I really wanted to try ordering glasses online through Zenni Optical --- and this was a project I began back in ...oh, say MAY.
First I needed to get my eyes checked (a story in and of itself.... some back windowless room at the local walmart.... they only accepted cash.... the "eye checker" machine was really a brief case full of these little spectacle lenses.... and apparently my eyes have "improved" since having babies........). CHECK.
Then I start sorting through the various options. Because it takes me forever to finish anything, this was a very long process. Narrowed it down, delete delete delete, more selections, more deleting.... finally CHECK.
Then I needed to have my pupil distance, which you can do yourself, but knowing my success with the details of life, decided to wait until I could get it from the Pearle Vision office where I've bought my glasses over the past 10 years. They give it to me for free. CHECK CHECK (most places charge you +$20!).

Then I procrastinated ordering them because I was afraid it would just all fail miserably and I'd have blown $45. CDN. For two pairs of glasses (includes anti-glare AND shipping!).

Finally I just did it already.

I've never really liked my previous pair of glasses. I bought them because I wanted to try something other than the wire rims I've known since ....oh, grade FIVE. I'd never get them again. They were heavy, impossible to adjust, a bit too much for my face, and very very shief to start off with (that's pronounced "shife" and it's "low german" for just a little bit off.)  It required several trips to the shop for adjustments, which was really annoying.

I settled on a pair of semi-rim glasses and full-rim glasses. I like the look of the semi-rims, but Jon isn't a huge fan, so since I was getting two ;) ... thought I'd get the full rims as well. They are also a bit sturdier (as far as glasses go!!) and better for around the house.

The verdict??? Although I like them both, and I'll definitely wear them, I wasn't sold on them at first. The quality is definitely reflected in the prices. I think they felt really flimsy because I was used to the previous solid chunkers. Now that my eyes have adjusted (and I don't walk around feeling like I've binged on too much holiday "egg nog,") I'm really starting to get used to them. The semi-rims fit much better than the full-rims, which required 2 pliers and 45 uninterrupted minutes to sit straight(er).  I will still have them professionally adjusted next time I go to Winnipeg!!!

My previous "experiment"....

And a few "blasts from the past"!!!! I am not "posing" so much as trying to show off the duct tape embellishment added to these (favorite, but alas non-functional) navy wire-rims. Sweet K sat on my head and they snapped like a twig!! (You can see why I was hoping that would happen again!!)

We had a blast with these specs!!! MY SECOND PAIR OF FRAMES (And I am not even kidding --- though I really wish I was ;) --- I keep almost everything from anytime in life, for some odd reason.) I finally graduated these specs when I was in COLLEGE. HOW TERRIBLE IS THAT!????! Are they not glamorous!!?

Special kudos to my little photographer. Who took many random shots in between the "photo shoot."

AND, I am thrilled to announce, I Picassa has FINALLY put out a program for Mac users.
It is a bit too much fun. I fear I may spend more time tinkering with pictures again!!!

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Roo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahah how did i ever miss this post???? it's brilliant! a perfect end to my crazy day! definitely catwalk material sister. you should consider asking zenni if they need models to show their glasses online...hmmm? think about it..


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