Monday, December 8, 2008

A few favorites!

Yoikes. The other day I wandered the local mall, kiddies in tow, starting that insane yearly venture known as Christmas shopping. Wow. Every year the craziness of the frenzy hits me anew, as I watch people frantically grabbing this and that and cringe at ads that promise better futures with better presents. And I wondered as I wandered :)....

However, there are so many fun things about this time of year that make it stand apart - simple indulgences, sweet traditions and yes, even comforting nostalgia. Here are just a few favorites....


Recipes - nothing says yummy like a bowl-full of carmel corn WITH peanuts! My first batch (sans peanuts!) did not last very long.  I look forward to more! Give this a  try:



Crafty things - I love browsing Better Homes and Gardens and Michaels for fun, creative, often inexpensive ideas. Of course, most of it is browsing, and not actually COMPLETING a project, but every so often, I come up with a winner (or a dud, and those get left at the back of the closet!) Just for fun:



Soft lights, soft music - for a little online carolling, visit:






And of course, the retelling of the ancient story. Thank you Jesus.

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