Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gray Day

It's one of those days where you have to go the second round of coffee just to keep it moving until afternoon tea.

I did not intend to start my day somewhere around 1:30am. I also did not intend to have my floors mopped by 8:30am (some accidents in life just necessitate that - thank heavens for carpet cleaners!). I also did not intend to waste a single moment of a precious day feeling discouraged by short comings and frustrated by circumstances.

But sometimes I find myself wrestling with the intentionalities vs. the realities of life. Grappling with

"I wish I could", "I really should", "I want it to be like..."
the "this is who I am" and "this is where its at".

Some days I find myself stuck in the middle - not okay with the way things are, but not sure the time is right to press forward, either. A day that's neither sunny nor stormy, but cloudy and dreary and not very much fun.

And mopping the floor before breakfast is done is not much fun either :P.

So, as I press through the Gray Day, I will also choose to recall the precious things that make this messy life so sweet - grace, growth and good friends.

Oh. And that second round of coffee. That was also very helpful!

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