Monday, December 1, 2008

Well, wouldn't ya know ....

This weekend I had the "opportunity" to create an "oriental dessert." I am culinary-challenged, and so I thought this sounded a bit ... daunting. After an internet search - I found a "great idea." Yeah - the kind that you leave until the last minute and if it turns out to be a disaster it's actually too late to do anything else and so that just adds to the pressure of the whole situation at hand.


I found a recipe for fortune cookies. I should've read the "this is a bit harder than it appears" disclosure before assuming that I could somehow possibly whip this up at the last minute between nap times and lunch times and leaving-the-house-at-a-certain-time times.

Breathe again.

Okay. I discovered that you don't even need a rolling pin for fortune cookies. Did you know that :)? All you need is a bit of culinary skill (ahem, recall the aforementioned "challenge"?) and, of course, time. Since you can only bake 4-6 cookies at once. Yoikes.

However, to my utter and complete amazement, I managed to create 23 well-formed, "Proverbs" cookies (instead of creating oh-so-witty fortunes, I made slips of paper with Proverbs. Brilliant, I know). I would've had 24 but one dropped on the floor :P. It's quite the procedure, but once you get the hang of it --- well, now I know what all those "hard to shop for people" are going to get for christmas gifts!

Here's the proof:
Picnik collage

Here's the link (go on, give it a try!!!)

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