Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Great Day

Today I had the lovely task of removing icky old caulking from the basement shower this afternoon. Yes, I know - even more glamorous than napping or reading the latest Harry Potter book!! Envious :)?!

However, I strapped on the 'ole Ipod and decided that it is pretty much impossible to listen to this song and be in a bad mood :P.

Some days are w.a.y. better than others, but every day has the potential to be a great day.
Hope yours is too!!


Roo said...

well....not so envious of the caulking party BUT and HOWEVER i did hear of a little rendevous that you are on today with your sister and I AM envious of that. HAVE FUN!

Robin Fehr said...

I know Wednesday was a GREAT day for me to be alive! Thanks to you!
Thanks for coming up with the wonderful idea for us to get away together for a day! I wish we could do that once a week!


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