Saturday, August 22, 2009

You Have Reached Your Destination...

There's something absolutely thrilling about the announcement of our arrival by "TomTom Bonnie" (she's our personal GPS travel guide extraordinaire and saver of marriage relations!!). It means we've made it ...
a) safely to our vacation destination
b) in the nick of time for someone (ahem... not always the kids!) to use the potty at a rest area
c) through hours and hours and hooouuuurrrsss of driving
d) h.o.m.e.

On Monday we ventured from our southern Manitoba locale to the metropolis of Minneapolis. Grand adventures, a nice hotel, and fewer hours in the kitchen awaited us. Oh yeah, and we left our paint brushes at home!

We commenced our trip with a picnic in the rain. It was very ... interesting ... watching J perch an umbrella precariously over the heads of our girls as we scarfed down sandwiches, cheesies and grapes! We had booked our hotel through Expedia, and were a bit nervous about what our room would be like (it was rated 3-star, and we got a GREAT DEAL!!) - but we were NOT disappointed! It was fabulous! Clean, spacious and a lovely continental breakfast that meant that I did not have to scrounge around through the cooler (and the soggy floaties at the bottom) for dry bits of cereal and warm milk.

It's the simple things in life, really!!

We had fun. The girls discovered the thrill of Kiddie Park rides, we strolled through a zoo, conservatory and butterfly garden, we hung out at the Mall of America AND we got to stop at IKEA. Ooooh la la!! Giggles galore (but the squeals of delight came from moi, when I found the curtain rods I'd been searching for :P at a fantastic price of $6.99 for a whole kit!).

And there's nothing like that home arrival. Good to go away, but so good to come h.o.m.e. As much as I love my peeps, I love my space too :). Space is something that I haven't taken much over the summer, and my soul is paying the price. Space to think and breathe uninterrupted, space to rest and rejuvenate, space to laugh.

And really, even when "TomTom Bonnie" announces the arrival of a destination, I know it's just a passing point along the way of this incredible journey. I revel in the moment of having "made it" while preparing to embrace the next leg of the road. ESPECIALLY if that includes a stop at IKEA!


Chantelle said...

I am so jealous! Our adventures, at this stage of the game, rarely take us far from home. And certainly nothing as exciting as a road trip to Ikea, I mean, Minneapolis! I am so glad you had a great time, that more memories were made. I hope that you are able to find a little time before Jon heads back to school to BREATHE by yourself!

Robin Fehr said...

I'm glad you had a great time! GREAT pictures! The girls look so grown up!
Is this the .... curtain rod....? that's causing a little frustration today?

Roo said...

ahhhh i am jealous. sooo happy you had a good time. tom tom bonnie? named in honor of our neighbors? xo

a very sweet life! said...

Ha ha ha! No - but I did think of that!! "TomTom" is the manufacturer of our specific GPS thingy and "Bonnie" is the lovely, feminine voice that tells us where to go and how to get there :P. As opposed to "Ken". That just might be weird.


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