Thursday, August 6, 2009


Ever since I was a kid, RASPBERRIES have been one of my ultimate, all-time, can't-beat-it summertime favorite treats. Better than ice cream, chocolate and maybe even peanut butter all rolled into one. (Ties with air-popped popcorn, though!! Let's not get carried away here :)! )

So, it was NO SURPRISE when J & I settled into our first home that I transplanted some of these lovely wonders to the west side of our home, where there was a stretch of turf just ready and waiting to be tilled up and used wisely :).

It's taken a few years, but they've really established well. This year we are enjoying an ABUNDANT HARVEST of these yummy-lish-ious treats :). The whole family gets into it too. After supper, we grab a plastic container, and we all truck out to the raspberry patch to see how many we can sneak off the bush before they actually make it to the container! Even the family pooch mooches the low ones off the bush for his own little snack.

Some of my favorite raspberry-enhanced memories - watching Little M take charge of the raspberry picking extravaganza; picking raspberries with Little M in the rain; sun-warmed berries; going back there ALL BY MYSELF and feeling like I'm indulging in some sneaky guilty pleasure - stealing both a quiet moment and some coveted berries for myself!!

However, be warned. Too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing!!! (Ohhhh the tummy aches :)!!!)


Roo said...

yummers is right.
i need to get me a raspberry bush or 2.
one day
one day

a very sweet life! said...

Let me know when you want some. I can give you plants from ours!!! The gift that keeps on giving :)...

Roo said...

realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly. wow. thanks friend. xo

a very sweet life! said...

Absolutely! Would love to part with some :). It's easy peasy, because - hey, I managed to get them into the ground, right :P? They even lived in my dark garage, sans water (which I hear is important for the life and vitality of a plant!!) for a couple of WEEKS before I put them in their rightful home.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Did you take them yourself? :)
Looks like fun!


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